【BTS】MNL48 Aitakatta – Gustong Makita – Where is this taken?


(この記事の日本語版はこちら→ MNL48 Aitakatta – Gustong Makita -の撮影場所は? )

MNL 48 ‘s first single “Aitakatta – Gustong Makita -” was released on August 11, 2018.
It is a cover of “Aitakatta” of AKB 48, and the language is also translated into Filipino.

This time, I went to the locations of the music video.

First about the mysterious white filter

This is the official video of Aitakatta-Gustong Makita-.

The thumbnail is a clear image, but when it plays, there is like a white haze filter on the video.

There have been complaints on the comment section of the video, describing it as such as “difficult to see”, etc.

Although I finding out the cause, there is no explanation from the management and the opinion described below seems to be the most credible.

They havent released a physical album yet so they put a filter on this so people will at least have a reason to buy the album.


“Because we are not yet selling albums, we will be able to sell an album by filtering on Youtube videos.”
It may be the idea.

By the time the sales settles down, the video without the filter may be uploaded, so let’s wait!

Sheiki’s Solo Scene – Manila Bay Walk –

The sun was strong, and even if I walked with an umbrella, my strength went down.

Also, one guy was insisting us on getting on a kalesa.

Because there were a lot of homeless people hanging around, they beg you for money when they see you

If you ride the kalesa, they cannot approach you and I think that you can enjoy the scenery comfortably.

All member dance scene – Fort Santiago –

It is the scene where all members dance.

This is a Fort Santiago, a tourist attraction in the Philippines.

The admission fee is 75 pesos for an adult and 50 pesos for a child.

You can learn the history of Manila and important events in Philippine history.

Sera and Abby’s full power running scene

Sera and Abby jump out of school, and ran all along the city of Intramuros.

A store called “Morbai Charts / Maps & Maritime Supplies” is a landmark.

Next is the scene where they missed a jeepney (public ride in the Philippines) while they were on full power running.

Mercantile Insurance Building is a landmark.

Here, I noticed something contradicting in PV.

The scene where Sera and Abby stopped running, when looking at the scenery, it must be more southeastward than C point.

It seems that I decided to have finished at point B and took a picture.

As you are going straight in the direction where Sera and Abby ran, it has no matching location.

I asked a Tri-Bike driver to take us around here and I finally understood. (^ ^;;)

(This is a picture of a Tri Bike for reference.)

School scene in a school

There are some scenes that seem to have been taken in a school.

After researching, I found out that these scenes were taken at Mapua University.

However, I could go to the entrance as I am not a student. I was stopped by a security guard.

As expected there are universities in the city center so the security is tight!

At least, I could take one picture of the entrance

It is similar to this scene ↓. (Is it confusing? *Sweat*)


In this first single of MNL 48, the video was a location centered one that teaches us the history of the Philippines.

The people of Baywalk, Santiago Fort, Mapua University, are mazing
I asked them, “Do you know the idol group MNL48?”, and nobody knew them.

The university security guard who worked when MNL48 were shooting seems to recall about “Some high school students filming”.

However, I think that their popularity will increase gradually from now on. (^ ^)

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