My experience with EMS : sending family register from Japan to Philippines by EMS


If you send letters and envelopes in Japan via domestic mail service, it will be received within 2 to 4 days.
On the contrary, public mail in the Philippines is rather … · · ·.
called the “hotbed of corruption”, “nest of negligence”, and so on.

Even receiving documents and goods smoothly from Japan to the Philippines is an issue of critical importance sometimes.
Even when family members, lovers or friends are in the Philippines, they are not other people’s affairs.

In order for me to marry my Filipina fiancee,
I ordered my family register from the Philippine public mail.
It is necessary for applying for a marriage requirement (single certificate).

This time, I use EMS (Express Mail Service. International speed mail) tracking service,
【From the local post office in Japan to my office address in Laguna, Philippines】
I want to thoroughly pursue!

STEP 1 Request sent to my parents

In my case, I asked my parents in Japan to send the documents.

STEP 2 EMS mailing at post office in Japan.

My mother seems to have asked the post office staff this: “I need your help by the fastest delivery.”
Then it was mailed by EMS international mail.
Below is the display of tracking service. (When sent from Kanto area)

① Post office in town → Relay post office (post office delivered to international exchange office)
② From relay post office to Tokyo International post office.

It took three days until now.

“CMEC” means “Central Mail Exchange Center (central mail collection center)”.
Mail from abroad seems to be delivered to various places once it is collected here.
“Arrival” is on March 19th.
However, it didn’t arrive on March 19.
Perhaps my company location is a little far.

STEP 3 Mail received in my office.

On March 20th, the document came to my office! (Impressed)

However, as of April 1, the “scheduled delivery date” on the screen below is not updated.

Perhaps the Philippine post office forgot to enter the delivery completion.
Well, since it arrived properly, it is fine.

(Updated September 18, 2018: I opened the tracking screen today, scheduled delivery date was not updated yet. I guess it will not be entered forever.)

That’s all about the document arrived from the Japanese local post office to the Philippines】.

It took a total of 8 days.

By the way, what if sending to ‘your home’?

This time, I choose to receive it to my office, so it was delivered to the reception area.
If you have an apartment or condo, what happens if you choose to receive it there?

My friend has received mail from Japan for more than 40 times with this procedure:
(In case of ordinary mail)

1. The mail arrives at the reception area of the condominium (there is a reference image on the lower side)

2. On that day or the next day, go to the post office in Makati

3. Present notice form and identification card, pay the fee and receive the item.

The tips are,
“Should go to the time when it is not crowded the most during the morning.”
“When the notice arrives, I will go as soon as possible (it will be lost if I am delayed).

Just simply follow that.

By the way, the image is a reference image in the case of EMS,

We are supposed to receive notice (both postcard size) similar to this even when I sent it by ordinary mail.

More secure international transportation services

Than EMS,
International transportation services (DHL · FedEx etc.) are fast and sure”
Also, it seems to have a lot of branches.

By the way, I did not specify the sending method to my parents.

I did not ask Google about EMS until my mother told me she used it.
With the suggestion keywords
“EMS Philippines does not reach”, “EMS tariff high” comes out

Looking at some search results,
There is also a blog to raise awareness for “there is a risk of loss”
It did not have a good reputation but I was impatient. (Lol)

It is safe to use such services when you urgently need important documents.


· When I sent it from a post office in a certain prefecture town in Kanto region, it took 8 days to arrive
· The tracking service of EMS seems to be usable without problems until just before receipt.
· There are cases where loss happens in EMS. International transport service (DHL · FedEx) is more reliable.
· If it is a document and if you use your office address, they can deliver to the office.
· When sending to a personal address, Notice arrives and it is necessary to go to receipt to the post office with it.

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