【Based from actual experience】 How to acquire Marriage License (marriage permit) in the Philippines (with image)


If you want to marry a Filipino, you must acquire marriage license.
I will show you how to acquire marriage license.
Without this, the wedding organizer told me that we can’t get married,
Here is the chronological order of the process that we took in order to obtain marriage license.

Step 1: Confirm the necessary documents

First we went to the city office to ask for the necessary documents.
At this time, instead of looking at the city official HP, you should go directly to the city hall to obtain it.
Information is not on HP · Because old information often remains unchanged in this country.

By the way, my wife’s hometown is in Taytay, Rizal province, so I went to the office there and asked for the necessary documents.
I was handed an A4 paper cut to 1/6.

Below, I will mention the requirements in Japanese.

1. Birth Certificate or Baptismal Certificate
出生証明書 or 洗礼証明書
2. Parent’s Consent for Applicants 18-20 years old
親の同意書(申請者が18 – 20歳の場合)
Parent’s Advice for Applicants 21-24 years old
親の助言書(申請者が21 – 24歳の場合)
3. CENOMAR- Certificate of No Marriage from PSA
PSA(Philippine Statistics Authority;国家統計局)が発行した独身証明。
4. SEMINAR: Marriage Counselling Certificate from DSWD
セミナー:DSWD発行の結婚カウンセリング証明書 (DSWD=Department of Social Welfare and Development フィリピン福祉開発省)
Pre-Marriage Certificate from Mun. Health Office
Every Tuesday 8:30 am to 12:00 noon
毎週火曜日 午前8:30 – 正午12:00
5. For Widowed / Widower Death Cert. of Spouse
6. For Foreigner:
a. Legal Capacity from his/her Embassy in the Phils.
b. Photocopy of Passport with picture and date of arrival.
a. 在フィリピンのその人の国の大使館発行のリーガルキャパシティ(婚姻要件具備証明書のこと)
b. パスポートのコピー(顔写真のあるページと最新入国日の記載があるページ
7. Marriage fee 450Php.
結婚代 450Php
Note: Release of Mariage License after the completion of 10 days posting period.
注意: 10日間の公示期間のあと、marriage lisenceが発行されます。

Step 2: To the city hall for the marriage seminar!

We gathered all necessary documents and to the city hall with my fiancé on the day of the seminar.
(This is mentioned in step 3, but you should go with either of your father or your mother, if necessary.
※ If you did not go to the city hall on seminar implementation day, you will not receive marriage counselling certificate.

Taytay City Hall
I entered the entrance and went straight to the back and headed for “Civil Registry Office”

So, I received the following form.
· Parent’s consent form · Advice form

Step 3: Preparation of consent form or advice (If your fiancée/fiance is 24 years old or younger)

My wife was 23 years old then,
Her mother came and to sign the letter of advice.
(You can fill out the form immediately by writing some necessary items on the entry form.)

Actually, I should have gotten this paper in advance and asked my mother-in-law or father-in-law to sign the advice,
My wife and I had no time to take this form to the city hall in advance.
So, on the day of the seminar, my mother-in-law skipped work in the morning and came to the city hall.
(Either mother – in – law or father – in – law’s signature is fine)

Step 4: Seminar attendance

The seminar starts at 8:30 to ends at 12:00.
We could attend it although we could not complete the form.
Let’s talk about the seminar first.
A questionnaire will be distributed at the beginning of the seminar.
This is written in Tagalog language.
As the number of questions was enormous, I almost copied my wife’s answer.

The first question is “Please write your own definition of the following matters.”
It’s subjective.
I wrote it properly here.
By the way, I only translated the questions 1-7
1. KASAL-wedding「結婚式」
2. PAG-IBIG=love「愛」
3. PAGIGING LALAKI=being a man「男性であること」
4. PAGIGING BABAE=being a woman「女性であること」
5. TAHANANG PAMAMAHALA=how to run your home「家庭の切り盛りの仕方」
6. SANGKAP NG TGUMPAY NA PAMAMAHALA=how to successfully run your home「どうやってうまく家庭を切り盛りするか」
7. AKO SA PALAGAY MO ANG ISANG MABUTING MAGULANG=in your opinion,what makes a good parent「どうしたら良き親になれるか、あなたの意見を述べよ」

At first, my wife translated question in English one by one but…

There are so many questions. Perhaps, if you understand the language, these will be simple questions.

I realized that I could not make it at this and decided to copy my wife’s answers. (^ ^;;)

The seminar started late at 8:45 and ended at 11:30.
By the way, all questions are in Tagalog.
Before the seminar, I asked the lecturer to please speak in English.
I ended up being told that my wife will translate for me.

· Why are you getting married?
· How you should treat each other as a couple?
· The way of married life
· About family planning and so on

It was one of the lecturer’s birthday, and there was a surprise from the employees during the seminar.

Step 5: Submission of completed documents

When the seminar was over, an employee entered the room to collect the questionnaires.
In my case, I quickly finished it while other couples were submitting,
They would wait until I finish writing.

After submitting, we received the following documents
Marriage counseling certificate

Pre-marriage certificate

Step 6: payment window.

With Marriage counseling certificate and Pre-marriage certificate, I went to the payment window. This is where you will pay 450 Php for Marriage fee.


Step 7: Interview?
I went to the room “Civil Registry Office” where I got the entry form in Step 2.
I submitted the receipt I received earlier and the original of Legal Capacity.

Then, we were told that foreigners marrying Filipino has to be interviewed by the person in charge.
Since the person in charge was available at 14:00, we decided to have our lunch while we waiting.
When we came back, the officer was not yet there.

“Marriage License can be received at 2 pm on April ”
It was written on the back of the receipt.

“What? Interview?”
“No need na. (It is not necessary anymore)”
Since sham marriages are common nowadays, I thought we had to tell them our story.
We were very prepared (^ ^;)
Well, at least we will not be in trouble if we blurted out something lame during the interview.

Step 7: Receipt

We will receive our marriage license at city hall after the 10 days.
The 10th business day after receiving the application date was the receiving date.
It will not be mailed to you.
You or your fiancée/fiancé has to go to the city hall.

·Ticket (if given)
· Identification card

This is finally available.
By the way, it is valid for 120 days after issue.


Application for Marriage License is made at the municipal office of the area where the fiancée lives.
The day of the seminar depends on the city hall.
Since I think there might be some differences in procedure flow and contents, we recommend that you contact the office directly.
I hope this information will become useful to everyone who reads this.

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