【With image】Does MNL48 have a Japanese member?


MNL 48 is an idol group that is gradually becoming popular in the Philippines.
As a result of their hard work, MNL 48 was awarded “Youth Model of the year” last 2018.

Photo courtesy of mnl48.hallohallo.com

(Image quotation: From the MNL 48 official site)

They also have a proven track record.

The Philippines is known for its very talented people, be it singing, daning, and acting.
Their debut single “Aitakatta – Gustong Makita -” (Tagalog version of “I wanted to meet you!”) and 2nd single “Pag Ibig Fortune Cookie” (Tagalog version of “Koi no Fortune Cookie”) is very popular to students. I think that will become very excited at school events (^ ^)

By the way, do you know that there are actually two MNL48 members named of Awane Sayaka (粟根 さやか) and Ishiyama Kaede (石山 楓)??

However, these two are not full Japanese but half.
This time we will introduce these two members!

half Japanese member 1: Sayaka Ayame (Sayaka)

Photo courtesy of facebook.com/MNL48SayakaOfficial

Sayaka, who won the 12th place in the general election was born in the Philippines but she was raised in Japan.
She can speak three languages such as Japanese, English, Tagalog, and Bicolano.
In her self-introduction videos uploaded on the official website below, you can see scenes where she speaks Japanese.


She speaks fluent Japanese although I feel a little bit changed.
She has a reputation of a smiling face full of energy and a dance with lively dynamism and sharpness.
Her twin sister is also good at dancing.
Their dance videos are also uploaded on Youtube under the name “Awane sisters”.
Perhaps her family loves to dance!

Photo courtesy of facebook.com/MNL48SayakaOfficial

Enthusiastically, Sayaka said in the video
“When I was born, my parents became happy.
So I want to make my fans happy as well”
She commented.

Addittionally, Sayaka had experience bullying when she was younger.
“As I an idol, I will prove that I am strong and tough and look back on the bullies!”
I also have guts.
I would like to support Sayaka who has pure attitude!

Half Japanese Member 2: Kaede Ishiyama (Kesa Ishiyama, Kay)

Photo courtesy of facebook.com/MNL48KayOfficial/

She is ranked 34th in the general election.
For some reason, she doesn’t use her Japanese name and she uses the nickname “Kay”.
Is it difficult for Filipinos to be familiar with the name “maple”?
She spent 13 years in Japan and seems to be good at Japanese.
Even in self-introduction video “Everyday, Kachusha / AKB48”, she sang in Japanese.


To my surprise, with this self-introduction movie, she admits to herself as “not cute”.
“I am not very cute, but I can wow everyone using my smile!”
And that.

Knowing and accepting your weaknesses is how you fight on it.
Not only is she energetic, she has such a calm thought and judgment.

Her strength might have come from her personal experience.
When Kaede was 4 years old, her parents separated.

Photo courtesy of MNL 48’s official YouTube channel

(Kaede when she was a baby with her Japanese father )

After that, Ms. Kaede lived with her mother and stepfather (Filipino), and his daughter in his previous marriage.

Photo courtesy of MNL 48’s official YouTube channel

(Picture of Ms. Kaede, her mother, his stepfather’s family (relatives?)


After that, Ms. Kaede lived with her mother and stepfather (Filipino), and his daughter in his previous marriage.
Photo courtesy of MNL 48’s official YouTube channel
(Ms. Kaede and her mother, stepfather and his daughter)


Photo courtesy of MNL 48’s official YouTube channel

How?! Her stepsister (Princess) is also a member of MNL48.
Ms. Kaede and Ms. Princess are very close to each other, and when they are in the audition of MNL 48, they are encouraged not to be “hostile” but to encourage each other.

Since she had various experiences, she seems to be active as part of the spiritual pillar of the team!
She is someone who can speak Japanese with Sayaka and she seems to be the key person in Japanese programs.

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