Is MNL48 popular? I went to their exclusive event (Seitansai) to see how well known they are!


In order to know the popularity of MNL48, I participated in their “Birthday Festival” or “Seitansai” last October 2018.

Last January 2017, I saw a billboard about “MNL48 START” at the airport in Manila.

It took time to recruit but it finally started this year.
In Japan, some people say “MNL48, Philippine version of Japan’s AKB48 has many ugly members.”
Also in China, people there say “Ugliness of MNL48 is one of popular topics in Japan”.
So how do the Filipinos react to this all girl group?

Finally, they started performing on TV, radio, and Youtube,
I went to the birthday festival or “Setainsai” last October 2018 to see MNL48’s reputation, popularity, and what lies ahead for them in the future.


To conclude, MNL48 is still “a rising star”. Let’s see why as I summarized the points.

Ticket sales status

Let’s see the ticket sales situation through this post on MNL48’s official Facebook page.

October 5, 22:00: Announcement of the birthday festival (October)
October 12, 22:39: Post that VIP Tickets are sold out!
October 13, 20: 28: News about few regular seats remaining.

·VIP ticket sold out was a fact.
·The regular seat was almost empty during the event.

Senbatsu member’s suddenly appeared! What is the effect of this on ticket sales?

Selected members (Senbatsu) also decided to appear.

The selected members are 16 of the 48 TOP members.
Sheki, the number 1 member would also appear.
But why did they only announce at the last day of the event?
If it was announced that popular members would come at the event earlier, don’t you think that more people would come?

By the way, these are my guesses as to why the announcement was late:
· Delay in notice due to mistake by the management of MNL 48
· The schedule of the radio and television program etc. might have been hurriedly canceled.
· Celebrants (members that has birthday in October) did not attract guests so they decided to include the other members in the program.

Whether the delay of the announcement had an impact or not, we got a disappointing result.

Line in front of the venue

As mentioned above, there was a statement that says that they will start accepting at 9 o’clock” in the e-mail, but at 9:23 am…

It was still closed. It is Filipino time. (^ ^;;)
But there were about 23 people waiting.

Since the total number of fans was 68 during 12 o’clock at the start of the event,
A third of them comes before the start time, it means that fans were really enthusiastic to see MNL48!

Customer status

This is what the seats of the venue (Movie Stars Café) looks like:

The VIP seats were packed with about 60 people,
There were eight people in regular seats where 72 people can sit.
Moreover, although it is not written on the simple map on the top ↑,
In the surrounding area there was a table that could accommodate 50 to 75 people.
Because those tables were not used, the lights in that area had disappeared,
It is a position where the stage can be seen, and it seems that it was available for guests as well.

It is supposed that there were 68 customers in the venue where 180 to 210 people can be accommodated.

I sent a fan letter! ~ Mary and Jaydee ‘s reaction ~

In order to know how serious the idols are, I think that it is important to know how much they care about the fans.
This time, I sent a fan letter to Mari (27th in Mari, MNL48) and Jaydee (32th).
I gave a letter to Mary while my wife gave a letter to Jaydee.
(Fan letters and gifts are left at the reception desk.)

<Mari’s reaction>
Mari thanked her fans on her post on her official Facebook page. She posted on October 18th, 4 days after the event.
She posted a birthday gift picture and a thank you message.

Letters and key holders surrounded by red circles are gifts from me.
I could feel her sincerity since she tried to respond to her fans.

<Jaydee’s response>
Unfortunately, she did not post anything about the birthday on her Facebook page.,
I also mentioned our e-mail addresses in the letter, but there was no reply.

Perhaps there are reasons as to why she couldn’t respond but from a fan, it is sad to see that there is no respond about gifts that we gave her.

Program overview

12: 00 Aitakatta – Gustong Makita – Performance
12: 05 Talk (Senbatsu – with members on October birthday)
12: 15 Skirt hirari (Tagalog version of “Skirt, Hirari / AKB48”)
12: 20 Selfie (self-taken. Commemorative photo with birthday members and 20 people Senbatsu members and spectators)
12: 25 Quiz Bee
– Example of questions –
What are the recent punishment when a MNL 48 member breaks a rule?
How many “Aitakatta” has been mentioned in the new song “Aitakatta – Gustong Makita”?
What is Erika’s favorite food?
Members who recently joined MNL 48’s Youtube program “I-School”?
12: 37 Aitakatta Dance Contest (5 volunteers from the audience dance the choreography of Aitakatta. Winners are chosen from who got the loudest clap)
13:00 Raffle (lottery)
When the MNL 48 member draws the lottery number of the numbered ticket dealt at the entrance, we receive goods from them.
13: 05 Event Notification
13: 10 Talulot ng Sakura (Tagalog version of “Sakura no Hanabiratachi” / AKB 48) performance.
13:15 Birthday members were given a birthday cake and words of blessings from their co-members
13:30 Greeting from Sheki.
13:35 All members greeting all at once “Maraming salamat po! (Tagalog word” Thank you so much “)
13: 38 Program ended.

From the stage, MNL 48 members went to the merchandise section, so that fans can talk to them.
There is also a corner where Cheki (taking picture) is available in the vicinity area.

That is it! The members were bright all through the day, actively talking and singing without fright. Although I think Erika was given more time to talk compared to other members. However, since they talked in Tagalog, foreigners might feel bored unless they understand the language.

My Filipina wife said that the content quality was very good. Although I could not understand the language sufficiently, I felt it was very good, especially how they communicate with fans.

Sheki did the closing remarks,
“We will perform in The Philippine arena someday!”, she said.
I shouted along with others.

The Philippine arena is certified as Guinness’s largest indoor arena [in the world].
It can accommodate up to 55,000 people,
Katy Perry, an American singer held a concert there with an attendance of 35,000 people last May 2015.

If more than 500 times the audience number of this birthday festival comes, it will line up with Katy Perry.
But how long it will take?
It seems that the members and management of MNL 48 and the members’ hold importance to their dreams and philosophy.

I am looking forward to watching their future activities and concerts.

the popularity and reputation of MNL48

· The October 2018 birthday festival had few sales. (Approximately 68 people attendance at the venue where 180 to 210 people can be accommodated)
· Management has room for improvement.
· Performance and members have shown professionalism. MNL48 has a potential to become a popular idol group.
· Members and the management have a vision or goal to perform in the world’s largest arena.

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