[Images and videos] How did Sheki become the center of MNL 48? Here are the reasons why!


Sheki’s Profile ‘ AKB48 Group Minimum Height’

Sheki was born on July 20, 2000 and is from Quezon City, Philippines.
Her height is 147.32 cm(4’10’’ feet), making her the shortest member of MNL48.
It seems to be the shortest height in the AKB48 group (including overseas).

However, the richness of her expression and her talent in dancing strengthen her presence as a center.

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How and why did she become a center?
Let’s see why!

My house is on fire

Sheki’s house has been burned down in the past.
Even in such a sad and difficult situation, she did not give up on her dreams such as being MNL 48’s center and looking for further challenges.

There is a word from Sheki that I still have an impression on.
At a birthday festival they participated in November 2018, she declared that “They will hold a concert at the Philippines Arena someday!”
If you look at her always-full performance, you will find that she really meant what she said.
The strength that she got from having a rough past seems to be the reason why she’s currently leading the team!

Whistle voice

She has a special skill called “Whistle Voice”.
The whistle voice is a super high tone voice like that of a whistle.
MISIA and Mariah Carey are known for having that skill.
You can see her whistle voice performance below.

High singing ability with whistle voice ・ ・ ・ what a high level performance!

She won in a popular singing contest!

In December 2017, Sheki has won an impressive victory in Tawag ng Tanghalan, a popular music program in the Philippines where talented singers compete.
Filipinos love to sing. In this country, restaurant and supermarket clerks sing in front of the customers … it is a daily routine.
Along with that, there are many young people who are good at singing.
In this show, even boys and girls under the age of 10 overwhelm viewers with singing powers that can not be imagined from their looks.
Sheki sings ‘Loving You’ with her weapon whistle voice.
She is a brilliant champion!

She can also rap

There are not much rap songs in the female idol group.
Even with that AKB 48, “Green Flash” etc. includes a rap, you can count a female group’s rap songs with your fingers.
Sheki sings the rap part wonderfully in the song “Dalawang Pag-Ibig Niya”.

I shouldn’t be the only one who dances to the rhythm while listening! ^ ^
MNL 48, a young idol group from the Philippines with Sheki as center, showed a strong presence on the rap.

Basically highly talented

Introducing Sheki’s excellent dance.
It is a dance from AKB 48’s Love fortune cookie (MNL 48 version is “Pag-ibig Fortune Cookie”) music video.
You can see from the link below (Sheki’s official Facebook account).

It is a very great video!

She can eat 7 cups of rice!

Sheki can eat seven cups of rice.
I’m sure the fans enjoy this trait that she has!
In addition, Filipinos love rice.
By the way, there is a Filipino girl in my office who can eat four cups of rice with fried chicken skin alone. (^ ^;)
※By the way, is it normal to eat rice put in a cup as shown in the above picture in the Philippines?

What do you think?
Plus, she won 1867 votes in the general election that was voted on April 28, 2018, and won an impressive first place.
But behind the scene, it was said that she was performing at birthday parties for acquaintances, small basketball games, etc. and collecting votes.
As young as 18 years old, her humility, enthusiasm, and positive attitude are encouraging!

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